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Important Update from Warmshowers

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Interesting to read there. So

Interesting to read there. So the director is actually communicating sometimes. One must admire the patience and the dedication of the volunteers, but I find it a disgrace how they are being treated.

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Oh, sorry, I did not make

Oh, sorry, I did not make myself very clear here. I'm one of the current developers of the Android app and so I know the gitter channel.

What I wanted to say is that the board did not reach out to us developers in regard to the proposal for a new app. Not before the proposal, not after. Not ever.

I don't know what their long-term plans are. My guess is someone wants to make money with warmshowers, but does not care about the community at all. Probably the company which will make the new app is somehow connected to some people of the board. I mean, the call for proposal was open for just 10 days right before christmas? That could be just unprofessional, but it also might be that they already know who will get the gig. Well, of course this is just speculation. But speculation is what you get when you are a intransparent board of mostly anonymous people who do not communicate with the community at all.

I think that the board is very bad in just about anything a board should be good in and that they will destroy warmshowers if they continue to make one bad descision after the other. Right now, Warmshowers works despite the board and solely and exclusively because of the thousands of amazing people who host and cycle and who are the community. Just ask yourselves: is there a single thing they did in the last years to improve this community? They collect a 6-digit amount of money each year out of the community. What happens with that money? What amount of it is used to actually improve the community? Why can't they respond to questions here in the forum? Why can't they communicate with the volunteering app developers? I'm a fan of Hanlon's razor, but sometimes it is the other way around and malice does explain behaviour way better than stupidity.



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