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Route Advice please: Halifax NS to Toronto, Canada

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Route Advice please: Halifax NS to Toronto, Canada

Hi, I'm Mark. I'm flying into Halifax, Nova Scotia with my bike on June 25, 2022. Heading out on my solo charity cycle to Toronto on June 27.

I'm new to this (bike touring, couch surfing), but at 61 and dad of two grown kids I'm up for new experiences.

Route suggestions please as I bike from Halifax to Digby, then through New Brunswick into Quebec and Montreal.


Also, anyone available to host - or know of those who are - along the way?


Mark S.

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get brouter.web, pick "bike safety" or "fastbike" and generate your own route.  Safety sends you on rail to trails routes and bikepaths.

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Thanks for that site


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It depends on objective

Are you travelling fast or exploring, as there are all kind of sites to see and roads to take. 

are you up to detours like the bay of fundy, gaspiesie, kamouraska…. Covered bridges and provincial parks?

note: in Quebec you can’t cycle on the trans Canada. You will need to take other roads.