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Nearest bike shop, hostel, etc...

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Nearest bike shop, hostel, etc...

In our profiles on this website, a few of the fields ask for the Nearest hotel/motel/accomodation, Nearest Campground, and the Nearest Bike Shop. Most everyone puts a distance value, ie 4 miles. But I have noticed these fields are not limited to mileage and have room for more info. For instance on my profile I have:

Nearest Bike Shop 4 miles 504-488-1946

This seems much more informative to the traveler. What are you thoughts? Maybe this is something we should all implement.

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I added more info in these fields too. Thanks for the Tip

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That would be more

That would be more informative indeed. Having such information on one's profile let's the viewers know how far or close you are on the said location. I'm in Penang hostel in Malaysia. How far am I to the location?

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