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Vietnam - Hanoi to Ha Giang - starting early Feb 2018

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Vietnam - Hanoi to Ha Giang - starting early Feb 2018

Hallo everybody, so, I will be off then towards Ha Giang. I dont have a lot of plans other than to cycle and to have fun. So, it might take long...or longer :)

You're welcome to drop a line or ride with me.

If you have advice re an app that have voice navigation as well as downloadable map capability and route importing that can then be navigated, please let me know.

Hope to see some of you...have fun and please do your bit for mother earth.

Love and hugs and all to all!!


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North Vietnam

Hey Naas

You going to enjoy your trip I did this by motorbike because to difficult for me to cycle. Very nice area.
I regret to not have save the track from this trip but have photo to share, maybe some inspiration.

Here you find cyclingtrips others.

have fun



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Make sure to ride all of road

Make sure to ride all of road QL4C

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I you use an Android phone we

I you use an Android phone we can recommend OsmAnd. It is open source and uses maps by the Open Street Map (OSM) project which you can download for offline use. It also has a text-to-speach feature and can import gpx tracks.

We used it quite heavily on our six month tour in 2017.

Have a save journey!

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I use sometimes wikiloc. You can ptepare your journey (only on yhe Web version) download it to yout phone, and record when you follow the trail. It warns you when you get out of the trail therefore you don't have to watch the map and it drains very little battery. The bad news is that you have to pay for downloading maps on the mobile but it's only a few dollars for 1 year