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Cannot log into app!?!

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Cannot log into app!?!

I'm getting the following message when attempting to log into the app. My login info is correct be cause I am able to log into the website. I have done a password reset several times and tried both my email and username. Please help?

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Yes. Access to the server

Yes. Access to the server from the app has been blocked. There was a message about that:

And the April Newsletter said something about WS preparing their own app in May. So that would be this week??

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not able to log into app

Has this been solved? I'm having the same issue. I'm not able to log into the app but I can log in on a web brower.

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I have got the same problem

I have got the same problem with the app :(. Does anyone have the solution ?i leave on friday with my bike, I hope the app will be available then.

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Yeah, ditto on the app

Yeah, ditto on the app problem here. I leave for a 3-4 month bike tour of Europe this Tuesday the 16th. This seems to have been going on for a while. HELP!

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Can't log into the app either (using iOS iphone)

Same for me. Can't log in

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This has been going on for a long long time.

I think the WS idea may have almost expired. Too many feeders and not enough seeders.

I did get a message about a free bicycle giveaway though. Maybe if more time and though were put in where it was nneded.

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"I think the WS idea may have

"I think the WS idea may have almost expired. Too many feeders and not enough seeders."

There has been some commentary among hospitality-exchange activists that we are now living in a "post-hospex world", where you might get lucky with arranging places to stay when traveling by being active on various and sundry Facebook groups, but the old centralized hospitality-exchange networks like WS are now on the decline.

However, let us not underestimate the amount of seeders. I think there are a lot of people out there who would like to host more cyclists, but they simply never received the requests that were sent to them due to the longstanding e-mail and app bugs. In a vicious circle, this then discouraged a lot of tourers, who never received any response to their messages, from being active as hosts themselves. Just a few simple steps by the website’s board could fix this, but they have inexplicably chosen not to take action.

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app still broken

A pitty that the app is still not working. It is summer vacation time where most people have time to cycle, thus a time where the app would be very helpful. This delay will create a lot of negative feedback as many people relay on their phones and the apps nowadays. Like all our guest of last year. Any updates on the app? I deleted it yesterday due to the problems (temporary untill the next release is out and the bugs will be fixed)

I do not believe that the idea of WS is expired. That might be valid for Couchsurfing because of AirBnB (and Facebook).

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Same problen as in OP still

Same problen as in OP still exists, app seems completely useless now.

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yes a pitty and a waste

the app doesn't work 

the web site has lot of bug 

If you  want to kill WS continue like that ... 

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Cannot log into app!?!

seems the app still does not work? 

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cannot login to app either!

I also can login on website but CANNOT login on app! The message 'Authentication failed. Please re-enter your credentials'

No solution yet???

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App doesn’t work

Since a lot of months, impossible to login using the App. What a pity!!!!

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According to the 2018 Annual

According to the 2018 Annual Report that was just published, it is in the tree-year plan to "explore supporting apps as well as continuing with our website".

But on another page it says: "Our apps also came under attack and were off-line for several weeks." Which creates the impression that the problem was solved. Very strange. 


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app down to 1,6 stars

I was courius if there would be an update on the app. According to Google Play the last WS update was July 2018!

The problems with the app lead to many angry users giving negative feedback and as result the app has currently only 1,6 stars out of 5. 

What I found more disturbing any annoying is the fact that there is nothing "official" being communicated. Compleatly silence. Nada. 

A pitty as I loved the concept and still have hope that one day it might live again, here or under a new name.

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Great news in today's newsletter!

I saw this in the newsletter that came just a few minutes ago:

1. We are pleased to report that the Android app will soon be ready for use, thanks to a handful of our amazing volunteers.  Follow us on Instagram at warmshowers_org or our private FB Group for release dates.

2. We will soon be moving all inactive users to an inactive category - if you have not logged in, replied to a host request or accessed your account in any manner - in the last SIX months, we will be moving your account to inactive.  Our touring cyclist need access to the hosts that are available.  Please update your account soon if you wish to remain listed as an active user.