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Seattle to Portland- looking for advice and suggestions

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Seattle to Portland- looking for advice and suggestions



I'm planning a bike trip from Seattle to Portland (actually from Vancouver to Portland, but have the Vancouver to Seattle part figured out).

Looking for someone who either has done the route, or anyone who has suggestions for scenic and safe routes to take (I'll be camping, so my bike's going to be on the heavier side).


Thank you!


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How long have you got to to

How long have you got to to it ? My suggestion would be to take your time and cycle over through the islands and onto and around the Olympic Penisnula. Go see the Hoh ( and other ) Rainforest and follow the coastline around to Astoria. Turn inland after Seaside, Oregon onto Hwy  26 or maybe earlier and follow the Columbia River into Portland. I did this in the mid 90s and found plenty of cheapish State Park hiker/biker campsites to stay at.

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I am also riding from

I am also riding from Vancouver  to San Diego, via Portland, leaving on August 24th.I was planning on going via Vancouver Island and catching the ferry to Port Angeles,then down through Olympic Penisular.i will follow your advice and head to Astoria and the Columbia River

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hiker biker sites.

I did that ride back n 92. The whole route through WA,OR and California were well served with designated campsites only for hikers or cyclists. They were much cheaper and nicer than the ones full of RVs. Back then they only cost $ 2 or $ 3. Hopefully they are still be there. Will you be heading down into Mexico later ? Baja is an amazing place to cycle.

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Port Angeles

I took that same ferry years ago. Beautiful views of the Olympic Peninsula. If you have the extra energy and time go cycle up Huricane Ridge for the view.

There was a very friendly man in the bike shop years ago in PA who kindly hosted me for a few nights. A friend of mine was there maybe less than 5 years ago and also got hosted by the same friendly guy. He even remembered me. Maybe he remembered the English accents. Maybe he is still there. It was the bike shop right in centre of town if I remember corectly.