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Cardboard bike box in El Calafate (Argentina)

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Cardboard bike box in El Calafate (Argentina)


I'm flying from El Calafate (Argentina) in the end of March 2020 by Air France.

Does anyone have any suggestions for finding a bike box in El Calafate or even better have a bike box they would be willing to sell/give away ? Or are there any bike shops you would recommend contacting for help with a bike box?

Thank you.

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I had to box my bike in El

I had to box my bike in El Calafate earlier this year, and I simply collected a few large boxes from the La Anonima supermarket in the center (the supermarket staff pile up all their empty cardboard boxes near the entrance, so you can just come and take what you need). Then, I just cut the boxes, wrapped them around my bike, and put a lot of tape around the structure.

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Thanks Christopher

Thank you very much for your helpful comment Christopher ! I guess this is a good idea ;-)

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