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Alternative arrangements

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Alternative arrangements

i have seen a website for a group which began in Europe, where people are simply offering their gardens as camping areas for cyclists, as an alternative place to stay during covid. 

is this a sub-group that Warmshowers hosts could get on board with? I can't host anyone, live in Florida and medical household working in ICU/covid. I wish I could have someone in my garden but ......missing the lovely guests.




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Yes, Welcome to my Garden dot

Yes, Welcome to my Garden dot org...when I saw it I thought exactly what you wrote up above - would this be something that WS could somehow get onboard with? Yet another platform...

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How to access

Great idea!  I am glad MyGarden (dot) org offers this.  How do we sign up or access the hosts on MyGarden (the dot thing) org?  Thanks, John

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You have to register on their

You have to register on their site John (welcome to my garden dot org) and then you can access hosts. 

You don´t have to register to see the map which shows host locations, which seem to be in mainly central Europe ATM - France, Belgium, Germany...

Not sure if you were aware but in Belgium (and some in the Netherlands) they have "bivak zones" - places where you can wild camp for free. They´re quite nice, usually they have a water pump (not for drinking though) and a wooden platform for a couple of tents. This can be found on no sign up required. 

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welcometomygarden org is

welcometomygarden org is probably a better match.  Warmshowers in the heydays focusing on garden tenting for hikers and cyclists.

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Welcome to the new concept

Great idea, it was getting time for something new. WS was great but changed over the last period.