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Tips for Ireland coastal cycle (east, south, west)

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Tips for Ireland coastal cycle (east, south, west)

I'm setting out on a tour along the coastline tomorrow (north to south). I'm starting from Dublin, where I live and have been social distancing etc, and I'll be camping and try to be as safe as possible (I have ppe and I am adhering to guidances/rules).

If anyone has any advice on routes, places to see/avoid, or maybe even a bit of garden space and a hose along the way I am grateful for any kind of help.

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The coastline from Dublin to

The coastline from Dublin to Waterford is a really good tour. I recommend heading up to Glendalough. Finding some Wildcamp spots is good there and the Greenway from Waterford is excellent. 

How did the trip go as I know this is a late reply?


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Are you wild camping?

I'll probably have some advise, just want a couple of details first to figure out what you need to know. Are you planning on wild camping? How long (time wise or distance wise) are you looking to go or where is the end point of the journey?

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Wild Atlantic Way

I started from Dublin and took train/bus to Mizen Head, and headed up from there to Galway using Wild Atlantic Way.  It was a very beatiful route.

Here is a link to my travelogue.

There are lots of other posts about touring in Ireland, or any other place in the world, in


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Thats a good way to start. I

Thats a good way to start. I cycled all the way to Mizen and then got shut down by 3 large storms heading into Kerry. I intend to head back by bus and continue from where I left off. 

Thanks for the travel logue.