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ROUTE advice Wilmington NC to Charleston SC and Columbia

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ROUTE advice Wilmington NC to Charleston SC and Columbia

Hi everyone, planning a tour for May 2021 (See subject).  I'm not seeing any roads with shoulders and no work arounds.  Any experiences and advice on safety would be welcome.  Thanks, Keith

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No shoulders

On a bike tour from Miami to Maine I passed through where you are going.  There, traffic was not that heavy and I tried to be obvious as far away as possible.  My clothes were bright colors, panniers birght yellow, flashing tail lights and a whip flag flew from the rear.  No close calls at all.  No need to worry.

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NC to SC

Though it was several years ago, we rode from Charleston to Wilmington as part of a longer tour. The route was good as I recall, and it shouldn't have gotten worse since then. You can see it on the daily pages of my journal. Scroll down to find those segments, though they will obviously be in reverse. Going south from Charleston is a nightmare, glad you are headed to Columbia. Good luck, Marti

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NC to Columbia

Hi Keith,

We rode your route as part of our tour in 2017. We remember it being a great ride with little safety concerns. The Virginia Capital Trail in particular is fantastic. If you send me a private message I can send you our exact route and where we stayed each night if that helps?