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Most readily available groupset components world wide?

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Most readily available groupset components world wide?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently building a touring do it all sorta bike, it's a surly Cross check with 10speed rimbrakez wheelset and I'm planning or running it 1x10 with 42t nw Chainring.

The bike will be used primarily for touring around UK and Europe, but I plan on taking it to another tour of the carretera austral possibly in September 2022.

My question is regarding groupset components availability. IE what cassettes, rear deraileur and shifters are more readily available even in remote parts? I know this is a tough question as availability is subject to many different factors around the globe, but I was hoping the seasoned tourers in this forum would be able to give some input.

The main goal is mechanical resilience and having the best odds of finding replacement parts if and when something wears or just snaps. We know sh#t happens. My current wheelset will obviously take 9 speed and even 8 speed with spacers, but obviously wouldn't take an 11 speed cassette. Is the answer to just carry a spare freehub body to have a wider compatibility range? 

Parts I'm going for now as I'm not going anywhere remote: 

Shimano Deore M4100 10s Shifter

Shimano Deore M6100 Rear Derailleur

Shimano Deore CS-M4100 Cassette 10-speed

Raceface 42t narrow-wide chainring

Thanks in advance for your input


One strap Julian

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I'm a lot into thinking resilience and lowtech touring biking.
In my opinion, my idea is that 3x8 with friction shifter is the best.
So I have this triple square tapper cranck: Acera FC-M361, swapped the middle chainring with a surly stainless steel reversible one.
And, in the back, i run custom open cassette, 12 15 18 20 22 24 28 34, i avoid spider on the largest so I can change cog one by one.
I have more gear option in this most used centre.

Have fun