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South Korea - getting to jeju island

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South Korea - getting to jeju island

Hi everyone


can You help me solve my problem? What is the  easiest way to get with bicycle from international airport In seoul to jeju island? Transfer to second airport and domestic  flight? Do anyone have any experience with transfer? Bus? Big taxi? Airport provides shuttle bus?How much time I need? As you all know it is difficult to travel with bike in box. I can rent a taxi but I guess it is not easy to find big taxi which will carry 2 people and two bikes. Or maybe there is other solution? Bus? Train and ferry? 

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I have not done this yet, but

I have not done this yet, but from what I have read you can get a bus from Seoul to Mokpo in the south, then take the ferry to Jeju. The bike, boxed or assembled, will ride in the cargo space of the bus. I believe the ride is six hours or so but again I have not yet done this. You can also get a bus to Busan and take a longer ferry from there. Looks like there are a dozen or so buses leaving Seoul for Mokpo every day.

The bus schedule and prices can be found here:

One way to Mokpo from Seoul is 35.00 USD or 42,000 SKW

I plan on riding from Seoul to Busan and then taking the ferry to Jeju, ride around the island and then a ferry to Makpo and a bus back to Seoul in May or June. 

Hope this helps. 

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Cycling plus ferry

We cycle from Seoul to Mokpo too and then take the ferry 

In Korea you can take bus with your bike not desmeantle in the intercity lignes ( local lines ) so I think from Seoul to Mokpo you have to changes bus 2 / 3 or more

Maybe may is better as the rainy season began mid or end of  June ( depend year ) 



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Bus in Korea

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Sounds like a good plan. I

Sounds like a good plan. I Hope there is a way to leave airport safely, not on a highway. 

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As it is more difficult to leave seoul airport by bike (  forbidden high way ) we choose Busan  for our 2 months trip in Korea 

Little airport  easy to leave 

Cycle path at the front 


And for way back  they have nice service for your luggage  you can go day before they put your bike in a cardboard .protect it and keep it for a small fee