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Login-Problem with the new Warmshowers app on android

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Login-Problem with the new Warmshowers app on android

A week ago I installed the new android app and paid the monthly fee. First test worked fine. Had access to my profile and could see other hosts in my area on the map.

Now I started the app again, but failed to log in. I type in email-address and password and hit the login-button, but nothing happens. When I close the login-window by hittin the "x" - the window gets closed and a rotating ring of green dots appear. Changing the settting doesn't make a difference.

What am I doing wrong here? Is this a known problem? Does the app access other servers than the web-service here?

Thank you in advance


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Switching off Wifi helped

Switching off Wifi and switching on "mobile data" changed the behaviour. Typing in my login data resulted in an alert: "CSRF validation failed". But then everything seems to work - even when switching back to wifi. Strange....

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Same issue

Hi i have same issue even after purchasing annual subscriprion ,maybe i will uninstall app and download it again .



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"your device has been temprarily blocked..."

Everything worked fine until yesterday. 
Now, after successful login, I get a popup saying:
Your device has been temprarily blocked due to repeated login failures.
Please try again later.

I went off the wifi and switched to 4G (as "my device" might be identified by the IP-address. Same problem.
I uinstalled/reinstalled the app. Same problem.

Maybe my annual suscription has expired, but I can't even find any means (buttons? Links?) to renew it.

Thanks to anybody for clues.


UPDATE (problem is being fixed)

Simon Pooler schreef op 2022-05-15 12:59:

Hi Michiel,



We're aware that there is currently an issue for some users who are being restricted from logging into the Warmshowers website and Apps.


We're working on the problem and hope to have things back to normal as soon as possible.


However, thank you for letting us know that you're affected.


Best Regards


Simon Pooler

Warmshowers Support 


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Login issues

Same login issue here.. both on my Mobile and laptop 


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Login-Problem with the new Warmshowers app on android

I'm having the same login problems. 

Using the suggestion above about turning off the wifi and using data to sign in seemed to correct the issue on the app for the time being. 

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Login-Problem with the new Warmshowers app on android

I'm having the same problem.

The exact credentials that work in the browser on my desktop computer don't work in the app. I'm on wifi on my phone and don't have mobile data right now.