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Los Angeles -New york

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Los Angeles -New york

Hello friends, I plan to cross the USA from Los Angeles, California to New York in the month of May along Route 66, has anyone done that route? some recommendations?

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Cycling history is tough


While it is easy to romanticize Route 66, freeways have altered the reality. Do your homework for some of the route is now freeway. Other sections have died a slow death because a freeway diverted the traffic. Figuring out what parts, if any hold the glamour of the past, compare the route of old with current map. Also, do a search on CrazyGuyonaBike website; I would guess there are some blogs about this route.

Happy trails, Peter

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Route 66

Hi. Haven't tried the route myself, but am considering doing a similar trip next year too!  Have you looked at this site:  ?