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Phone number in profile

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Phone number in profile

Good morning!
Yesterday our last guest told us, that our phone number is not seen in the profile. We were used to see it on the right side below the Adress. We proofed and saw, we still have the phone number registered in the profile, but it is not shown anymore.
Is this a bug or a change in system of WS? Does anybody know more about this issue?
We sometimes use phone (Signal…) for later or emergency communication after first contact via the system.
Hoping for information!
Safe travels!

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new system

after several mail to support ( last spring ) and months of supposedly "bug "

helpdesk answer "The numbers have been removed over concerns about data disclosure and users contacting each other outside of the Warmshowers platform messaging system. This creates issues when users have security issues or disputes, so we've removed direct contact details from being generally visible in user profiles. They will also soon be removed from profiles displayed in the Warmshowers app."

However I think WS dont realize the benefit of the phone number for CYCLIST

in some regions you have poor data or no data but you could send texto ,
host who write in their profil they prefer texto as they dont read mail , they dont even notice the phone number was cancel so they dont host or discover by chance request ( this summer in finland or france some hosts appologize 4 month !! later as they dont see request )
the most important thing in emergency case as mechanical problem , injury , big problem with weather or transportations (ferry train ) ,

those number saved my life a couple a time for the past 10 years .

PS if you want you can put the number directly on your profil