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Noobie - I want to travel light, should I leave the tent at home?

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Noobie - I want to travel light, should I leave the tent at home?

I am discovering this service for the first time and it seems awesome! I recently purchased a speedy racer and just did a 2 nighter on it with minimal luggage and it was great. For the next tour Frankfurt - Luxembourg - I was planning to take my tent, which is pretty small but still 1.3kg - and I thought wouldn't it be great not to! And just risk it with the warm showers? Do you think this is maybe risky? My tent is pretty small at 1.3kg but still, I could do without the hassle. These big German campsites are a bummer too.
Thanks :-)

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Responsiveness to private messages/hosting requests ( and all the answser is not positive ) is only 65 % so it is very risky , if you dont want to take tent be prepare to ring door bell or go to hostel

it is a service but also an "exchange " of service : you are hosted and you also host in return if you want the service goes on ...

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Take the tent

Germany is easy to wild camp if you get stuck.
Many WS hosts don't reply forv whatever reason. Then once you're comitted to them and you can't make or want to go further its not good.
Tent gives you all the freedom and control. Campgrounds aren't that bad either.

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I definitely recommend

I definitely recommend something for sleeping. One of the beauties of bike touring is that you don't have to rely on other people or services to make it happen! If you don't want to take the tent at least take a bivvy bag or a hammock with a light rainproof sheet.

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I like it, leave behind.

I like that style, to go light . And this gear set, can be evaluate as "extra light".
But to go this way, it's good when you are creative and not shy person, because if some problem will happen with your following host, somehow you need to figure it out.
In summer and in land which is not wasteland (something like western,southern or central Europe), it's fine.

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So how did it go? Please tell us!

Nice bike, by the way... So what did you decide to do, and how did it go? I am really interested to know!