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Local hosts meet up...?

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Local hosts meet up...?

I can't find a more appropriate forum for this post, so here goes ....

I wonder, has anyone ever met or communicated with any of the OTHER hosts in their own area ..?

Seems to me this would be a good idea for a number of reasons : eg
* finding information / resources for guests that the "original host" may not have ;
* providing a guest with an onward contact;
* introducing the Guest to other Hosts who may have a particular interest in that Guest's story...
etc etc

In my own case, while I happen to know some of the hosts nearby ( within 20km, say). I don't know most of them, even after seeing their WS details over many years sometimes. Some of these people live quite close to me...

Now I think WS members are something rather special ( not *every* bicycle traveller is WS !), so I find it a little disappointing that I never hear about any attempt to communicate / coordinate to make a better/ richer WS experience in our own region.

I have to say, that the website does not seem to provide a means to "bulk contact" the Hosts in a particular place, which used to be possible in the Old Days ....

So my question is :
a) have you ever wanted to meet the other Hosts near you ?
b) would that be a good idea ?
c) have you ever tried to meet them , and if so, what was the response ?

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Hosts meet up

I have met some of the other hosts in this area and think it's great. Would love to meet more. Gives me a great idea to have a BBQ with all the local hosts this summer!

And that is exactly what happened with the Warm Showers hosts in and around Hobart, Tasmania a few years ago. We were staying with one host, but I had been in communication with several others in planning my bike tour to Tasmania. The hosts all decided to get together to meet each other with a BBQ, and include the touring cyclists they were hosting at the time. If I remember correctly there were over a dozen folks that showed up and it was a blast! And we ended up staying with some of the other hosts we met that day about a month later in our travels, it was like an old family get together.

Highly recommended!

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I had the same idea as yours

I had the same idea as yours when I came back from my last holiday touring by bike. I'm living in a place with few warmshower visitors but we're a dozen of hosts, so I told me "Why don't we meet each others ?" Up to now, I proposed 3 times meetings among us. Once for a dinner, the 2sd time for a bike travel festival and the last time for a conference of one host after his 2.5 years bike trip.
Each time, it was really nice meetings even if it was difficult to have answer and dipsonibility of everybody. I invite every host to do the same with their other hosts around them.
I posted a message in french in the forum about that idea.

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