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mistaken donation confirmation?

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mistaken donation confirmation?

Did anyone else get a "thank you for your donation" message? The last time I chipped in was 4 years ago. It's a legit email, the "invoice" shows, but I'd be surprised if WS can auth my card after so much time (and address changes). I'll check my card in a couple days to see.

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Yes. I got an e-mail just

Yes. I got an e-mail just after I completed the authorisation of my card.
It says:
Dear [...],
We have received your donation. Thank you for supporting the Foundation. Your donation lets us improve and maintain the site, support the community, and continue to let hosts and guests develop lifelong friendships.
Please print this confirmation for your records.

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Is not it a bit strange that

Is not it a bit strange that I can see on your profile (under Contributions) how much you donated?

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Only one entry there, right

Only one entry there, right Peter? From 2015?

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Yes, that must have been when

Yes, that must have been when I once did the "only hosting" amount of $0.00.
I cannot see any info under your name, but I see the amount under Dariusz.

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It seems to be related to
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mistaken donation confirmation

Yes, I also got the same message, out of the blue, after a few years of no activity. So WS is now on my suspicious list. And, I'd like to just cancel my membership, but can't for the life of me see where I can do that... help?