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This video screencast summarizes the process.

After logging in, visit the main page and either move the map (it's a regular Google map) or use the search capabilities on the left side.

  • Search by name or email: Enter a part of the member's name you're looking for. If the member's name is "Joe Rufus", you're better to just search for "Rufus", because he might be listed as "Joseph Rufus" or "Joseph A. Rufus" and then you'll miss him. (You can also search by email if you already have the member's email.) (image)
  • Search by location:
    • Choose a country. (image)
    • Optionally choose a town or state/province within that country. Start typing the first part of the name of the town or province and wait for the site to autocomplete. Then select from the list of towns. They'll be listed in order of population. (image)
    • Click the "map" button to go to the selected place or... (image)
    • Click the "list" button to get a list of members in order of distance from the center of the location you specfied or...
    • Click the "csv" button to go to a page with a full listing of that country's members. You can choose a particular state/province, and there's a link which will let you download an Excel/CSV version of the listing. Please remember that this information is only for your use in contacting hosts concerning hospitality and may not be shared or used in any other way.

On the map, red markers indicate individual hosts. If the red marker has a number in it, then more than one member is at that exact spot.  "Cluster"markers indicate that there are too many members in the area shown to display - if you click on a cluster marker you'll automatically zoom into the area that has all those individual members, or you can zoom in using any of the map's zoom tools. , so you need to zoom in on that area (using the map's zoom function) to see the individual hosts. (image)

After finding a prospective host, visit their profile page and contact them using the "Send Message" button on the right side of their profile page (image). Please make sure to read the entire page first, to make sure that the host fits your needs and you fit the host's preferences. Also, please do not contact hosts listed as "not currently available" for hospitality.